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To Our Longtime Loyal and New Customers.


Please be advised that after selling these herbs for the last 11 years,

Paypal has deemed these herbs to be and has classified these herbs as controlled and illegal drugs that are sold on our website -




Email Excerpt from Paypal's email,

dated 09/09/2017:

Dear China Medicine Mall,
We have recently reviewed your PayPal account activity, and determined that
you are in violation of PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy regarding your sales
/ offers of YIN CHIAO CHIEH TU Pien: on
As a result, your account has been permanently limited and this cannot be
appealed. . . . 
Under the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy, PayPal may not be used for the sale
of prescription drugs that violate applicable laws or industry regulations
or for products that present a risk to consumer safety. PayPal considers
the marketing of a product and may restrict transactions for products
marketed to act like or function the same as a prescription drug. PayPal
also may restrict transactions for recalled drugs, unapproved drugs and
dietary supplements that have been banned by governmental agencies.


Even though this herb is legally imported into the United States, and is an herb substance sold over the counter (OTC)


has determined that our US Government is incorrect in allowing this herb into this country and Paypal has classified this herb as a controlled drug and closed our payment operation.


Can you actually believe this? Feels as though we are in Putin's Russia. Sure fees like it when a large giant as Paypal can crush a small minority female owned business, yet Paypal allows other herb websites to sell the same product using their Paypal option.

As a small business, we can't stand up to Paypal's legal funds. Even our federal and state agencies cannot get away with such action.









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